Shoot the Moon Classic
Amateur Caddy Guide

Amateur Caddy Guide

The 5th Annual Shoot the Moon Classic is hosted by Vernon Trails at Veteran Hills Disc Golf Course. The course is built and maintained by volunteers and funded solely with donations. The Viroqua VFW Post 3032 has generously allowed us to build this disc golf course and multi-use trails on their property.

This is a PDGA B-Tier event.  Last stop on the Wisconsin Tour.

Amateur Schedule for Saturday, October 2nd 2021

7:45 – 8:30: Check in for players and volunteers.
8:45: Tee off for Round 1.
12:15: Approximate time for lunch. Last chance to purchase raffle tickets.
1:30: Approximate time for Round 2. About an hour after the last card is in from Round 1.
5:00: Approximate start time for raffle drawings and awards.

Important Notes
  • There will be no day of registration.
  • There is no camping under the pavilion. There is no parking in or near the pavilion. If you are camping, please park in the parking lot. Please don’t move the picnic tables.
  • There will be no player meeting in the morning. After you check in and get your player pack, it is your responsibility to be on your assigned hole and ready to tee off at 8:45 am.
  • There are a limited number of lunches available from the VFW. You can purchase lunch tickets in the morning for $7. Other food options are available in town. Food will be eaten outside – we will NOT be using the indoor space.
  • Baskets will be in the A position for Round 1 and B position for Round 2.
  • Advanced, MA40, and Intermediate divisions will play from the Blue tees. All other divisions play from the Red tees.
  • On hole 18, left of the marked fence is OB.
  • There will be no 2-meter rule in effect.
  • If at the end of Round 2 there is a tie for 1st place in a division, a playoff will start on Hole 1, and proceed to Holes 2, 3, 4, 17, and 18 until a winner is determined.
  • This property shares space with walking trails. Be aware of other trail users on all fairways.
  • The raffle drawing will be held after the 2nd round. The end of lunch time is the last opportunity to purchase tickets.
  • Airborn will once again be our vendor providing the AM merchandise. Credit must be used on site.
  • In the event of hazardous conditions like thunderstorms with lightning, an alert will be sent through the PDGA Scorecard with further instructions.
Round 1 Start Holes


We will be utilizing PDGA’s Digital Scorecard for scorekeeping. This will help us keep the process of tallying scores and payouts quicker and easier.

Each card will need to use two scorecards, kept independently of one another. One should/can be the PDGA’s Digital Scorecard and the other a traditional paper scorecard that will be provided. (If everybody on a card decides not to use the digital scorecard, two paper scorecards must be kept by different players.)


The access code will be posted at check-in Saturday morning.

  • Mobile devices should not be shared amongst players. Players in a group may agree on a single player to keep score for the entire round.
  • Discrepancies, provisional scores, or warnings for rules infractions must be recorded for each hole in accordance with rules 808 C and 808 E.
  • Each player must review and positively confirm their scores at the end of the round before the total score is submitted.
  • If an incorrect score is submitted and requires correction after the payer has confirmed and submitted it, a two-throw penalty will be assessed in accordance with rule 808 G.2.


  1. Go to the Digital Scorecard.
  2. Enter the Access Code provided at check-in.
  3. Type your name or PDGA number and select your name from the list.
  4. Press the Keep Score button.
  5. If necessary, select your starting hole and add players to your scorecard.
  6. Press the Begin Play button.
  7. Enter the score for each player on the scorecard.
  8. Press the Save & Continue button.
  9. Once scores have been recorded for all holes, the app will automatically display the Card tab.
  10. Confirm total round scores by tapping a player’s name, then entering that player’s PDGA number or last name.
  11. Repeat for each player on the scorecard.

The score keeping segment of the PDGA Digital Scorecard is designed to record scores and function with limited internet connectivity. The primary functions that require an internet connection is when the scorekeeper first logs in, adds or removes players and submits scores. If there are issues submitting scores due to connectivity, a “Retry” button will display so the players have the opportunity to find better service and try to resubmit scores.

If scorekeeper records scores in areas of the course with limited internet access, scores will still save to their device but will not show on live scoring. However, when internet connectivity resumes, the app will attempt to save any scores that were previous not updated.

The PDGA Digital Scorecard is Android and iOS compatible and does not require users to download an app. However, cookies and javascript must be enabled in the web browser on the mobile device.